Steel doors

We also offer internal and external seamless steel doors manufactured by WIŚNIOWSKI company. They are characterized by a stable and robust construction with high resistance to environmental conditions. Wide selection of colors, many possible applications and special design allowing for different opening directions make seamless steel doors a universal solution. We offer:

PCV doors

We offer external PCV doors with an attachment panel and insert panel manufactured by DAKO. The attachment panel makes the door plane uniform from the outside. The unique aesthetic qualities and advanced technology make DAKO doors a perfect product for customers who attach the highest priority to the appearance of the facade and high quality. In doors with an insert panel the panel is mounted traditionally with the glazing bead and seals. More about PCV doors:

Aluminium doors

DAKO aluminum doors make a perfect solution for those who appreciate originality, unlimited possibilities in selection of equipment, colors, individual design customized to their own vision of a house.

Profiled doors are aluminum systems used to construct both internal and external doors. They are excellent products for commercial and public buildings.

Wooden doors

DAKO profiled doors are made from highest quality pine or Meranti wood. Plate construction makes the sash of the door a uniform plane – both inside and outside. in frame-plate doors the filling is made of waterproof thermal insulation panel or insulated glass unit. In order to increase the thermal insulation the manufacturer uses the aluminum threshold with a thermal insert.