Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds, commonly known as pleats, are an extremely interesting solution as far as sun protection systems go.

Their structure allows them to be mounted on all sorts of windows – roof windows, winter gardens or glass ceilings.

A most versatile product, pleated blinds can be mounted in alcoves as well as untypically shaped spaces (trapezoidal, semicircular, triangular, polygonal etc). Currently Anwis has more than 350 pleated blind fabrics on offer !

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal blinds are the most universal sun protection system. The possibility of pulling the blind up and changing the angle of lamellas allows the user to control the amount of light coming into the room. Enabling the air to circulate freely, horizontal blinds protect your rooms from overheating. They also make it easy to hide away from prying eyes while still allowing light to come through.

Horizontal blinds made of exotic wood – bass wood or abachi, create unique atmosphere with reflexes of light and shadows on the walls giving even the most common interiors the air of relaxed elegance.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds (verticals) are used mainly as sun protection systems in big glass structures extremely popular nowadays in modern architecture. While enormous glass windows and walls enable inhabitats to have contact with nature, unfortunately, they guarantee neither intimacy nor protection from excessive sunlight. Here come vertical blinds as an ideal solution their chief merit being their aesthetic value combined with the possibility to control the amount of light coming into the room. Our offer features also an impressively wide range of fabrics and lamellas that will satisfy even the most sophisticated taste.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are a sun protection system made of fabric, protecting your room from excessive sunlight as well as keeping sun relections away from monitor screens. A free hanging roller blind may also serve as a screen for an alcove. Thanks to the presence of side channels and a roller cassette Fantazja roller blind is a perfect match for rooms where strong light is an issue. The side channels, additionally, enable control of fabric even when the window is only slightly opened. Impresja roller blind is an extremely versatile sun protection system combining the functionality of venetian blinds, roller blinds or curtains.

Panel tracks

Panel tracks are an inner decoration of a window or a wall, often used in place of traditional curtains. They may also be used to cover, among others, huge surfaces made of glass.A great asset of verticals as well as panel tracks is their unquestionable appeal for interior decoration purposes which is a consequence of freedom to combine colours and patterns.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a fashionable and elegant window decorations, rolled through the mechanism of a chain. After lifting curtains up, created glamorous horizontal tab so. folds. Curtains provide a visor in almost every room. It is also impressive and functional decoration, not only windows, but the whole interior.

Insect screen

Insect screen is a net mounted in a window or door opening, guarding the interior against insects and other unwanted elements. The wide variety of screens we offer allows our clients to choose the shape of screen most suitable for the type of opening and its function.