PCV Windows

Our window systems range includes DAKO products based on VEKA and BRUGMANN profiles.

Windows made of VEKA profiles are A-class products characterized by very high impact resistance, excellent static capacity, increased stability of frames and leaves, good sound and thermal insulation as well as a wide range of designs. The products are distinguished by their unique thermal insulation capacity and burglar-proof protection available only from DAKO !

Window systems made from BRUGMANN profiles have good thermal performance. They meet the requirements of every customer and can be used in the most modern settings. They are the perfect choice for customers looking for good quality at low price.

Aluminium Windows

Aluminum window systems mean products of high stability, great choice of color, opportunity to design many different types of windows depending on the application and on top of that a long life-time of the products. We offer the following aluminum window systems from the range of DAKO products:

Wooden Windows

Wooden windows manufactured from carefully selected natural materials - pine, larch or Meranti. These windows allow you to get closer to the nature, they have a really unique character. The advanced technology used in the production process of the windows of the manufacturer has gained recognition of customers and has been confirmed by the industry experts. Our offer includes the following DAKO systems of wooden windows:

Roof Windows VELUX